The Opportunity Roundtable

Who We Are

The Opportunity Roundtable comprises successful thought leaders from a broad spectrum of the United States economy, each of whom is committed to the proposition that creating generational wealth in communities of color is the best way to ensure the enduring strength of the U.S. economy.

We provide thought leadership, actively engage policymakers and corporate leaders, and advocate for free market solutions in support of the mission of growing the U.S. economy. We particularly focus on those solutions that advance business opportunities for African Americans and other traditionally underrepresented communities. We believe that a solution that is indirect or not measured is not a solution at all.


A United States economy that reaches its full potential through economic inclusion.


To promote more inclusive opportunities for access to capital, income, wealth building, and entrepreneurship for the most marginalized business communities in the United States.

Our Focus Areas

Creating Inclusive Opportunities

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